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IT systems are different and complex, so these engineers are gurus who can design and implement systems without compromising the quality of the system.

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4 great books on Networks and communication systems

There are books that people can read to get some ICT concepts especially students who are studying IT. These books underwent serious analysis before being published and they contain everything that a person needs to ensure that he or she becomes a professional guru.

#1. Green Networking and communications


This book was written to enhance the reliability and easy usability of high profile communication systems. Written by ICT gurus, its information was taken from authentic and reliable sources that offer nothing but quality education to IT gurus. The book was written by CRC press which are the major contributors to most world’s communication schemes.

#2. Data communications and networking


Written by A. Forouzan the book contains all the guides on how to create energy efficient WIFI and wireless systems. It has deployed all the latest technology measures in the field of communication and many people have already abided to it. It also has information on how to promote high speed Ethernet and Gigabyte Ethernet connection among other major topics. For those willing to learn trimetric industries, they can as well get the book because it is a hub that contains everything.

#3. Computer networks and communication


This is a book that contains all the latest information regarding IT solutions. It was written by Nabendu Chaki though every topic has different writers. Its topics include a guide how one can recover a hacked system from the IT thieves and how to enhance the security of the IT systems in a business.

#4. Database and data communication network systems: techniques and applications


This is a book that was written to emphasize more on how to make a reliable communication channel that is typically to any business required. Written by Cornelius T. Leondes, the book contains all the information that is needed in the creation of IT networks.

How to set up our own WIFI router

First you need to buy the router or if you have it, it is good. Routers come in different shapes and sizes to meet the various requirements that people may have. A router with upgrading antennas is needed if you have more walls in your house or if you have a big area to cover. The MiMo router is eligible in when more than one device is going to be used.

#1. Connect the router to your modem or any wireless connectivity device

Most routers work perfectly when connected to a modem. This can be done through the Ethernet cables and they come in different shapes and colors. The router normally comes with its cable because not all routers responds to common cables excellently. There is WAN/internet port on the router which should be used to connect the modem to ensure that wireless connectivity is enabled. This is different from LAN ports and people should check well before connecting.

#2. Connect the devices you want

After the above process is over, you can use the CAT 5 wire to connect all the devices that you would like to use. Through this, you can easily enjoy faster internet without any disruption. Ensure that device you are connecting is internet enabled as well by looking at its internet settings.

#3. Ethernet should have a computer connected to it

In order to adjust the Ethernet settings, a computer needs to be connected it. These settings may be including filtering some devices that you don’t want them to use your internet. Ensuring that there is regulation of data usage. You need a computer connected to it throughout. The good thing is that you can disconnect this computer and connect it wirelessly and still remain on network. This is the best thing about this because no wires are needed.

3 reasons why you need reliable communication channel

#1. Data protection


Business data is the blood in the life of business, without perfect data, the business is as good as nothing. Many people are on the run to hack systems that cause disruptions in business operations. Data can also get scattered all over and become disorganized when there is no reliable communication channels. Every communication channel should therefore be perfectly made to ensure that data is well hidden from the unrequired people. Privacy measures are contained in the communication channels and it needs to be made reliable.

#2. Smooth business running


Communication channels that are weak yield a lot of hindrances in the work place. People tend to get disturbed and inconvenienced when working on some business activities. Regular system failures is another problem that comes with unreliable communication channel. This does not only cause stagnation of business activities but it also cost the business a lot thus increasing the business expenditure which reduces profits and this could eventually lead to loses. Through reliable communication channel, staff, members can communicate to each other easily.

#3. Easy management and performance monitoring.


Weak communication channels are normally hard to maintain because they have a default on almost every aspect. A reliable communication is always easy to monitor, easy to follow and easy to connect making it easy for business operations to run smooth. Every business has its own nature which needs a different communication channel. To ensure that this is done perfectly, every feature of the business needs to be included in the IT system for perfect monitoring. If the communication channels are not reliable, even the activities would be disorganized. There could be repetition or omission of duties. A reliable communication channel is easy to manage and easy to maintain without spending a lot of time.